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brix-os project page

BRiX is not ready for the average user which is why there is no pre-compiled binary available for download. The source code downloads on this page are for those wishing to contribute or view the current progress.

The CVS page has a downloadable tarball of the latest source.
[archive]brix-source-29oct2002.tar.gz  90.6kBFull brix and crush source code. The binary produced by this source code works with Bochs.
[archive]brix-source-23mar2001.tar.gz  72.1kB(OBSOLETE) This is the last working copy of the source code that I could find. This source is more recent than the 0.1.611 build but the image produced is buggy and doesn't do much. The next source code release will have the linux based Crush compiler, boot/setup assembler code and Crush code for the kernel and types.

Generates an error in NASM 0.98, edit line 26 of kernel/boot/ and remove the "+000h". Does not boot on a real computer and only runs on versions of Bochs below 1.x.

If mk_ofs segfaults try renaming all ocurrances of the _write() function in brc/mk_ofs/*.