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updated OFS page. made "about" the main "info" page. minor changes to the FAQ. new about and crush pages are in the works.


more changes to crush spec: modules are now used to provide separate method and type namespaces, updated asm-return, added map-over-return command under "returning from a method", updated "inline methods", added unset command, removed slot and type locks, added object locking section, removed tag slots, removed interpreter extension command, removed inline-method, added extension methods, removed fast-unpacked array input modifier, renamed cast to cast-return, removed asm-label, removed machine code from asm command in bytecode, renamed asm to output-asm, renamed inline to output-lambda, updated optimizing section, removed parameter slots, added parameters to type interface, updated private types section, added core methods section, added "creating global objects" section and removed the shorthand '$' modifier.

only a few more changes and Crush will be ready.

fixed about/api link on FAQ page so it points to info/api. renamed "subscribe" to "mailing lists" and moved OS mailing lists from the IRC page to the mailing list page.


more changes to crush spec: better inline method examples, added unknown return types section, added fast-unpacked modifier, removed dynamic array support, changed array section and added lists section

still not finished...


several changes to crush spec including: basics section, data/system/memory types, foreign-alias, type identifiers, new syntax for properites, private methods, no more # on commands, moved external refernce description to slot modifiers section, symbols for method input modifiers, method references, modifiers for method return type, shorthand optimization, changes to object tags, removed mcode command, case-insensitive symbols, and added an appendix.

there are still several more areas that need to be worked on but the overall design shouldn't change much.


moved website to sourceforge.


the crush spec is nearing completion, see about/crush. crush compiler handles basic syntax. source code will be online soon.


added an image from 19mar2001 that was never released and the source code from 23mar2001.


changed name of language to Crush, specs are almost complete.


cleaned up the about section a little, moved source code to the download section. changed design to support a single demand page mapped dictionary instead of a dictionary for each object type.


uploaded a semi-working language parser to cvs on sourceforge.

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