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here are two of the better slashdot comments: 1 and 2

added virtual registers to the assembler page. updated assembler code on intro and macro pages. updated macro page to use "" instead of "module name".


someone posted BRiX on slashdot yesterday and most people either didn't read the site before commenting or they didn't understand what they read. so I added "for dummy" descriptions to the info..about page, these should clear up any confusion people have about what BRiX really is. updated faq page. updated "no programs", "libraries" and "security" sections on the info..about page.

UPDATE: renamed the "for dummies" sections.


updated properties page. changed "current environment" to "crush environment" on the macros page, also updated that section. implicit returns caused problems with the whitespace indentation mode and had to be removed. implicit returns could have caused bugs in code, when the programmer didn't intend for the function to return at that point (as noted by Lee Salzman), so removing them isn't a great loss. updated whitespace indentation section on the Crush introduction page. renamed EXEC to EVAL and updated section. DEFUN now uses "module.function" instead of "module function" and DEFTYPE uses "module.type" instead of "module type". removed 'void' and 'object' types. removed DEFAULT-TO-INT and DEFAULT-TO-UINT macros. decimal numbers now default to INT unless they end with a 'u' in which case they default to UINT. description string for functions and types is now optional.


added support for whitespace indented code to Crush introduction page. added support for implicit variable declarations to variables page. added support for dynamicfunctions to the functions page. updated slot accessor section on the types page.


rewrote globals and primitives pages. added properties page. moved unpacked array section from the modifiers page to the primitives page.


Crush is now in cvs. Lee Salzman added a linear scan register allocator to optimize the assembler output.


added submodules section to modules page. changed purpose and interfaces for ASM and PLATFORM on the assembler page. Removed ASM-RETURN macro. Variables must now be declared at the top of the function, see variables page.

Crush compiler has basic support for DEFUN, SET, IF, RETURN, TO-INT64, ADD and function calling and outputs working assembler code to the dictionary file. Check out the download section.


updated introduction and modifiers pages. added protected types to types page. added lambda modifier, made return type optional for lambdas, moved return type before lambda parameter and changed lambda recursion. made RETURN and CAST-RETURN optional (functions, lambdas and macros will now return when the output from a code list is not caught). return type for functions and macros is now optional.


rewrote crush pages (missing two sections), too many changes to note here.

added problems page. removed the 'api' section, replaced it with a new 'modules' section.


updated about page, old page was out of date. changed OFS page, all files are now stored in a single B-tree instead of one per user.

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