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added SETM macro to variables page. removed FOREIGN-ALIAS macro. added INHERIT-FROM example to types page. removed DEFAULT-INT-SIZE and DEFAULT-FLOAT-SIZE from primitives page.


removed support for whitespace indentation from crush. updated primary slots on the types page. renamed the '_return' variable to 'result'. parameter arrays for functions, macros and types are now optional. added CURRENT-MODULE macro to the modules page and removed the module prefix for DEFUN, DEFTYPE and DEFMACRO. added documentation section to the introduction page. curly brackets are now used by multi-line comments instead of by lambdas. added DEFTYPE 'submodule' flag to types page. changed lambda macro alias and modifier from '&' to 'λ'. removed the dynamic functions section and updated the function pointers section on the functions page. added a methods page. updated submodules section on the modules page. added implicit returns for functions and lambdas. added CSET macro to variables page. updated status page.


added the OVERLAY-TYPE macro to the globals page and the overlay type flag to the types page. added the SET-POINTER macro to set pointers with unsafe unsigned integers, updated the primitives pages. added multi-line string literals to the primitives page. added memory arrays to primitives page. added BREAK macro to control page. added optional '=' character to SET and SETR on the variables page.


added FOREACH macro and memory array type. updated core code to use both features. added newdocms to the related links page.


removed polymorphism (function and macro overloading) support from crush, added namespace section to the modules page. macros such as + will now need to use unevaluated parameters and handle int, uint, float and string types in the same macro. added loose type support to the unknown return type section on the macros page. added thread containers to the architecture page. moved the architecture, libraries, files, user interface, security and repository pages to a single ideas page.


updated the files, repository and user interface pages with information on file references, file groups, backups, search engine, commercial software and window objects.


added ECHO, MOVE-CURSOR and COLOR functions to the core, all written in crush.


split the about page into separate pages and updated info on the user interface, files, libraries and architecture pages. added new info about the repository.


accessor parameters and array access now use [] brackets for the parameters (set array.[index] 0). added a control structures page to the crush section. added unions to primitives page.

Update: added partial array support to the crush compiler.


DEFUN, DEFTYPE, DEFMACRO and lambda parameter lists are now eclosed in [] brackets. changed the unpacked array modifier from '[' to '+'.

a tarball of the current BRiX and Crush source code is now available in the download section.

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