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new logo. updated primitive array page for new accessors.

renamed the 'ideas' page to 'concepts' and gave it a new layout. removed thread containers and data descriptions from concepts page. moved metadata and multiple drives sections from ofs page to concepts page under object store.


renamed 'local variables' page to 'variables' and rewrote a lot of it. also added SET/IN scopes and static variables. updated global variables page. added type casting page. added mutually recursive functions to functions page. removed the LAMBDA macro, functionality moved to DEFUN. updated the lambda type page. updated top of functions page. added function interface level section and level flags to functions and macros pages. added function and macro templates. added alias page.


added temporary macros page. added no-return flag to DEFUN. added operators pages. added shorthand page.


removed SETR macro, SET now returns values. removed SETM macro, SET now handles single and multiple variables. removed '\' from allowed characters in function and macro names. updated SET-POINTER. moved variables to function and macro namespace. removed lambda CALL macro. methods and lambdas are now called with accessors. updated the union type page. added variable histories page. changed shorthand syntax on local variables page. rewrote accessors page.


updated crush comments and modules pages. moved CSET from local variables page to its own page.


new layout for the crush manual, rewrote many sections. removed type UUIDs.


crush now allocates heap objects with the NEW macro and malloc function in the core. added most of the ia32 instructions to the crush assembler.


added multi-line comment support to crush compiler.


added memory access section to the assembler page.


lots of changes to the crush compiler, including a simple register allocator, loose typing and virtual registers in the ASM macro. added virtual register and label sections to the crush assembler page. updated status page.

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