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Features that need to be added to the page or ideas that haven't been thought out.
  • literals
  • Array elements are always stored as references for variable-sized types. the programmer does not need to specify the type as a reference as this will happen automatically and transparently.
  • associative arrays
  • slices: "hello"[1..-2] --> "ell", return value is always an array or string and never a single element
  • `static flag to store size in the type instead of object, array can't be resized and can only be used where static arrays of the exact size or accepted
    	`static Array of 1000 Bytes

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An array is a contiguous sequence of elements and offer faster random access times than lists but arrays can't be resized where as lists can. All arrays have a header that contains the number of elements and runtime bounds checking is performed when indexing the array. Each subarray is a complete array and also contains a header. The headers of each subarray are identical and are required so references to subarrays have a valid array object.


Array of length type
  • of -- required syntax when type is given
  • length -- number of elements
  • type -- element type






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